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A wedding is a special occasion. It represents love, unity, fidelity and togetherness. The music selected for the reception should therefore reflect this. Music is amongst the most important factors at any wedding and reception ceremony. It helps set the mood for the whole event. The wedding music is one of the most important factors that contribute towards the success of the wedding ceremony or the reception and wedding songs are a lovely addition. There are many ways to include wedding songs into the wedding day.

A reception is a party or a celebration held for the bride and groom after the nuptials have taken place. The music played at the reception should be vibrant and entertaining and should help create a festive and happy atmosphere amongst the guests present.


Ideas for the reception

At the reception, choose a great song while entering after being announced to the guests. For the reception, always consider music for entertainment. For afternoon receptions, there are various kinds of entertainment like orchestras, ensembles, live bands, pianists or other types of instrumentalists. For evening receptions, live bands, pianists and other instrumentalists are perfect. A vocal soloist can add meaning and intimacy to the wedding. A group can also sing wedding songs at the reception. Make sure that the groups wedding attire has a neat and polished look to it. Another lovely addition is when the bride or the groom plans to sing one of the wedding songs. The experience can have a touching and sentimental effect on the guests. Currently, the most popular form of musical entertainment are Disc Jockeys or DJ’s.

The guests are of different age groups and have varied musical interests. So while selecting a DJ, make sure that he or she is versatile and will play various genres of music to keep all the guests happy. It is a good idea to give the DJ a list of songs to be played and allow the guests to make requests. The DJ will know how to keep the guests dancing and motivated.

Before hiring a live band, always listen to their music and make sure it suits your taste. Once the type of musical entertainment is chosen, contact several professionals and attend their performances or listen to their tapes. Ask around for references and make lists of favorite songs to be played at the reception.

Popular songs

When it comes to dancing, the guests will follow the bride and groom’s lead. For different dances the choice of music changes. Some of the most popular songs played at receptions are-

  • Bride and Grooms first dance- should be a song chosen by the bride and the groom or their ‘special’ song. This is generally a slow and romantic number.
  • Father-Bride/Father-Daughter dance- Unforgettable by Natalie Cole and Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.
  • Mother-Groom/Mother-Son dance- a song for mama by Boyz 2 men or A song for my son by Vickie Mereck.
  • Mother-Daughter dance- because you loved me by Celine Dion.
  • Bridal party dance- footloose song track.
  • Cutting of the cake- Love and marriage by Frank Sinatra.
  • Bridal bouquet toss- the DJ will play something special for the event.
  • Garter Toss- the DJ will play something special for this event too.

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