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Many couples tend to overwork themselves when planning for their wedding. Though most to be weds are naturally going to endure endless anxiety pangs, a little bit of planning and help from near and dear ones is all they need for things to fall in place. Your wedding ceremony, the reception, supplies, guests and many more small and big details will call for your attention. As such, it is recommended that you have a to do list ready at all times. This will help you keep track of everything that needs to be completed as well as check on things every now and then to make sure they are shaping up just how you had planned them. Once the actual wedding ceremony concludes, comes the most interesting part of your wedding, the wedding reception. This is when all the guests interact, the bride and groom dance together, and basically everyone has a good time. Amidst all of these exciting events, it is essential that you don’t neglect the basics – the food. Guests often look forward to the evening snacks and dinner and hence the menu should be well picked so that everyone has a good time.


Selecting the caterers

Deciding upon the right caterers can often be a very difficult proposal. This is because you may not have hired caterers for such a grand event. It is always advisable to enquire around the neighborhood, with family and friends. This helps create a database and you can start making your calls. Apart from this, you can check the yellow pages and online sources to find the best local reception caterers. Prior to deciding on a provider, make sure that you check their credibility and the food quality and taste. Your caterers may even take on the responsibility of arranging for your beverages apart from the special drinks you choose to buy on your own.

Check prices

It is essential that you enquire about the price ranges and compare them to find an affordable reception caterer. Caterers may charge you for a buffet style dinner or lunch or may charge you for every plate they serve. Always make sure you have an approximate estimate of the guests who are going to attend your wedding. This helps order a sufficient quantity. Certain caterers offer great deals if you order on a minimum basis. For example, if you order for at least 200 people, you will get a better deal than you normally would if you ordered for only 180 people. Apart from this, you may choose to hire the same caterers to serve at the after wedding parties. These celebrations may continue till after the weekend or the next 3 to 4 days. It may be very difficult to cook for all of your remaining guests and friends on a daily base. Many caterers are more than happy to serve the small group of guests for the next few days. This service may even help reduce overall caterers’ costs. Certain caterers take charge of your crockery, wedding napkins and linen needs, which in a way reduces some of your workload. They may even arrange for wedding invitations at the reception.

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