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Flowers For The Groom And Attendants

Personal flowers pertain not only to the bridal bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere but also to the flowers carried and worn by the attendants and family members. A bridegroom who plucks a flower from his bride’s bouquet and pins it to his lapel is expressing commitment and love for her. The groom, his attendants and the fathers and grandfathers of the bride and groom traditionally wear flowers as boutonnieres. A boutonniere is a small flower or a bouquet worn by the groom and all his attendants in the buttonhole of a lapel. Boutonnieres come in all colors, shapes and sizes and look more appropriate on a tuxedo. They can be designed to match exactly with the bride’s bouquet.

Flowers, however fresh and beautiful, should be meticulously prepared before being used as boutonniere. Before handing over the flowers to the groom and his attendants, make sure they are dry. Moist flowers will leave stains on the lapel and ruin the groom’s wedding attire. Men often prefer simplicity for the boutonniere they sport on their wedding day. Boutonnieres can be as creative and imaginative as the bride’s bouquet. Flowers for men can be coordinated with the weddings theme and colors.

Before booking a florist, make sure that you are comfortable with this person. The florist should be receptive to new ideas. It is advisable to carry pictures of other boutonnieres from magazines. This makes it easier for the florist to understand your choice. Make sure the florist labels the personal flowers before delivering them to avoid last minute confusion. An important aspect of wedding planning is the selection of boutonnieres for the groom and his attendants.


Grooms Boutonnieres

The groom always wears his boutonnieres on his left lapel. This symbolizes closeness to the heart. Most Boutonnieres are made up of a single blossom like a single rosebud, freesia, stephanotis and carnations. If rosebuds are the wedding party theme, then the groom will have to wear either two rosebuds or might have to add a sprig of baby’s breath to distinguish him from the groomsmen.

It is advisable to use a small cluster of flowers instead of a single bloom for the groom’s boutonniere. This makes the whole outfit look dressier. But a single blossom can add finesse and elegance to the outfit.

Using Alstroemeria for a boutonniere should be avoided, as its sap can be harmful on entering the human bloodstream.

Attendants Boutonnieres

The groom gives each man at the ceremony a boutonniere to wear. If the officiant is male, he should also be given a boutonniere to demonstrate his important role in the wedding ceremony. Depending on his outfit, the ring bearer may or may not wear a boutonniere.

Generally a single blossom is used as a boutonniere. Rosebuds, freesias and miniature carnations are the most popular options.

The groom should give boutonnieres to close family members like fathers, grandfathers, brothers and uncles. This might add to the wedding expenses, but is worthwhile, as it would make the male family members feel more included in the wedding.

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